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Once upon a time a Ph.D. in music, Chairperson of Arbitration for FINRA, Owner and principal of multiple companies including public and private (think Curtis Mathes etc.), rehearsal accompanist (Ted Mack and the Original Armature Hour), graduate from FBI, DEA, Dallas Police, Texas Department of Public Safety, Dallas Prosecutors, and other Civil Action Academies, and a Registered Principal and Branch Manager of several private Broker/Dealers (just to name a FEW things(lest we forget his Study with Shinichi Suzuki in Japan, travel with Aaron Copland, his fluency in Japanese ((at one time)) and well … starting to forget what else there is/was).

Today he could tell you that for years he had been driving an old used car with a lot of mileage, and I hated it. It got him where he needed\s to go but simply got tired of fixing leaks and broken parts all the time. It was annoying to take it to a mechanic every time. Even when they take care of everything, in a week he will just end up going back there. (Solution – SOLD THE CAR)

Now comes an art class in his Senior Residence building 2017…. The rest you see here is the NEW HISTORY and LEGACY. Please Enjoy.

All my paintings are created strictly from imagination or if you send me a picture I can paint MY version of your scene. NO PEOPLE PLEASE as I know my strengths.  I use Acrylic Paint and other Media to achieve my Desired work.  I am a Senior Citizen and I paint in the corner of my living room with South and East Light.